RES plants

The renewable energy plants (renewable energy sources) installed and managed by Joule are: geothermal plants, biomass (boilers and pellets), solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pumps and micro-generation.
  • Biomass plants

    Suitable for families, single and two-family dwellings, villas and small villas, pellet boilers are always cheaper. These are the real revolution of home biomass systems: available to everyone, they have an excellent yield. But they need great care and maintenance; things to which Joule thinks. Increasingly efficient systems, suitable for families, which over the years […]

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  • Geothermal plants

    Geothermal probes are now a consolidated and widespread technology which supplies 100% green energy. Joule allows the adoption of geothermal energy in residential (new class A buildings) and provides the necessary maintenance.

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  • Microgeneration

    The Joule solution for micro-cogeneration is based on the same principle of cogeneration, but applied to small powers, ie below 20 kW. Cogeneration is the technology that allows the production of two energy sources in one: high-temperature heating and electricity through a single machine. Cogeneration can be obtained with various types of systems: internal combustion […]

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  • Solar thermal

    Economic independence on the side of hot water. An advantage for small buildings, complexes, and semi-detached houses. Solar thermal is convenient as long as it is correctly installed and constantly monitored. Especially during the season changes. Solar thermal is perhaps the best known clean energy source. The “solar panel” is, in fact, the most visible […]

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  • Heat pumps

    Joule offers a complete service also in terms of air conditioning. A delicate subject, often underestimated. The air conditioner is, in fact, a complex machine, more than what is believed. Whether it is a high-powered machine, used in offices and large surfaces, whether it is a domestic appliance, we must take great care of the […]

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