The Joule solution for micro-cogeneration is based on the same principle of cogeneration, but applied to small powers, ie below 20 kW. Cogeneration is the technology that allows the production of two energy sources in one: high-temperature heating and electricity through a single machine.

Cogeneration can be obtained with various types of systems: internal combustion engines, gas turbines, fuel cells, the coupling of photovoltaic cells and solar collectors, each with different characteristics in terms of obtainable power and flexibility of use. The most widespread systems are based on automotive-derived engines, characterized by different power ratings and considerable flexibility of use. The same principle for micro-cogeneration, where, however, the plants (and therefore the powers) are lower, below 20 kW. This mode of energy production is suitable for companies but also for large apartment complexes. It is a form of clean energy: from the same energy source, in fact, two are obtained. The Joule offer for micro-cogeneration is, once again, a composite proposal: consultancy, assistance in the design phase, choice of the correct machine and maintenance.