Why we do it

“We believe that awareness of consumption generated with one’s behavior can lead to a real change in energy and water management. Energy saving is born from small attentions performed by many. ”

Alessandro Imparato
CEO of Joule 4.0

The advantages of choosing Joule

Saving time

Being able to view the data in a single platform allows you to know and compare your consumption data in real-time and save time.

Saving money

Having a clear awareness of their consumption behavior allows them to highlight limits, errors and monitor savings actions.

Forecasts for future months

The consumption history and Joule algorithms allow users to estimate future needs and service values for informed consumption.

Ease of use

The user can manage his data from the web or directly from smartphones with navigable and easy to read interactive graphics.

To whom Joule is addressed

1. Plant managers and administrators

Joule is the ideal tool for energy producers, suppliers and plant managers, device manufacturers who want to offer innovative, safe, transparent and effective services to their customers
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2. Public administrations

Municipalities, Provinces, Schools, Organizations can use Joule as a territorial planning tool following the objectives of the Horizon 2020 strategy
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3. Companies

Industrial facilities can use Joule to optimize, forecast and monitor electricity, water and gas consumption.
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4. Families

Thermal and economic independence, safety and comfort are the priority objectives of families living in apartment buildings with centralized heating systems. Joule is the partner most suited to their wellness needs.
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  • Our Values

    Transparency, reliability, proactivity, presence, consulting, awareness, kindness and innovation:

    these are the values of the Joule reality.

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    Our policies are linked to transparency. The data is clear and understandable.

    Inform and make people aware of their consumption and spread virtuous behavior.

    Be there. Being close to people and their needs to provide complete and up-to-date information.

    In a sector where it is necessary to demonstrate its value, Joule provides reliability in the detection of consumption and the return of information to the user.

    Respect for the user, for the environment and the community to improve the quality of life.

    Joule is developed in Cloud architecture and with Open Source technologies integrating sensors, connectors, measuring devices, smart objects: the basic elements that supply data according to the Internet of Things paradigm. Reliability and tracking of the data are entrusted to the Blockchain technology, which certifies the monitoring devices


The interventions are carried out by specialized and highly qualified personnel for each operating sector.


Joule is careful to the regulations in force for laying, calculating, programming the systems, for detecting the alarms and resetting the times without monitoring
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