Solar thermal

Economic independence on the side of hot water. An advantage for small buildings, complexes, and semi-detached houses. Solar thermal is convenient as long as it is correctly installed and constantly monitored. Especially during the season changes.

Solar thermal is perhaps the best known clean energy source. The “solar panel” is, in fact, the most visible and well known among sustainable energy plants. Not everyone knows his real applications, though. Used to produce domestic hot water, it is suitable for small real estate units, one or two-family dwellings, and small apartment buildings.

The solar thermal system is certainly the most delicate energy plants: it requires careful maintenance, despite the greater robustness of the models currently on the market. Joule offers the installation and maintenance of systems with periodic control of the liquid flowing inside the circuits. The danger is that during the winter months it may freeze or during the summer it may gasify. It is therefore to families and small apartment complexes.

Joule offers solar thermal: a solution that ensures independence, savings, and an easily quantifiable economic return.