Pompe di calore

Joule offers a complete service also in terms of air conditioning. A delicate subject, often underestimated. The air conditioner is, in fact, a complex machine, more than what is believed.

Whether it is a high-powered machine, used in offices and large surfaces, whether it is a domestic appliance, we must take great care of the air conditioner, especially during the season changes.

Joule offers families and companies a maintenance service during the start-up and set-aside phases of the machines. The client companies, for example, are alerted when it is time to put the air conditioner to rest, while the families are invited to clean and check the gases at the time of re-ignition, at the beginning of the first warm-ups. That is the time, in fact, after the winter stop, to subject the machine to a complete sanitization to avoid the spread of dust and mites in the environment.