The research

Joule is an innovative start-up that invests in new technologies and new models of services:

Artificial IntelligenceVoice InteractionInternet of Things and Blockchain.


Since 2017 Joule has been researching about the blockchain in the world. Thanks to DApp applications based on blockchain technology – it provides engines and services to improve transparency, security, and reliability of users’ and systems’ data. Through this technology, it is possible to read and certificate the numbers of the allocators in every moment of the process, to assure that there are no errors or anomalies between the input data of the Joule platform and the data visualized by the user.

Voice e Artificial Intelligence

The investment in the technology of the Internet of Things has contributed to the creation of SCALA, the first IoT device on the Smart Home market that helps people with the intelligent and ecological management of their homes. The conversational engine used by Scala is the combination of speech recognition, NLP and text – to – speech techniques. The operation takes place as follows: the user expresses a request (input) through the natural language: “How much did I consume of hot water last month?”

  • Speech Recognition techniques allow SCALA to translate the user’s voice request into text simultaneously. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge Web-based web communication protocols provided by the remote servers of Google Speech Recognition API.
  • The translated text is then analyzed through NLP algorithms from the Dialogflow platform (ex to extract its semantic content so to query the Joule 4.0 database and obtain the response (output) of what the user requested in a textual form.
  • Finally, the answer is converted into speech using Text-to-Speech techniques from the Amazon Polly servers through REST API calls to be able to return voice feedback to the user.
  • Scala responds to the user (output) with a vocal formulation: “Last month you consumed 20 cubic meters of hot water”.

Internet of things

SCALA is a smart object that communicates with the Joule platform to receive information regarding the difference in consumption compared to the average value per apartment of the building.

SCALA is made by 3D printing and contains a microcontroller of the Raspberry Pi type that commands:

  • Omnidirectional microphone and speakers for voice communication, connected to a HAMA 7.1
  • sound card wi-fi module for network communication
  • LCD screen for displaying information on the screen
  • LED RGB for reporting the status of consumption
  • Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, proximity)

Open innovation Network

Joule is constantly growing thanks to the network of companies, technologies, and skills that make up the Open Innovation Network to which it belongs.

Alkemy Lab

Open Innovation Research Lab –

It is the point of reference for the customers, partners and colleagues of the Alkemy group that applies the Open Innovation paradigms to the typical technologies of Digital Transformation, with the aim of creating prototypes of services and innovative products that represent a breakthrough in the markets in where they are positioned. The Lab, dedicated to research and innovation, designs and realizes new services and products in the field of technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual / Augmented Reality, Voice & Mobile technologies, Cloud, Internet of Things. It is based on the Open Source paradigms. The Lab has a constantly growing potential thanks to the international network of start-ups and university spin-offs of which it is a node.


Deep into data –

Catchy is an innovative start-up, winner of the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission and the Google DNI. In collaboration with Google's Digital News Initiative, Catchy produced Compass, a fact-checking tool based on AI algorithms. Its mission is to create narratives and collections on the digital century starting from the analysis of Big Data with Artificial Intelligence algorithms: Catchy is in fact a member of the "Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem" that maps the producers and users of AI in Italy. It deals with Data Driven Journalism and contrasting fake news, studies on reputation and new media. The peculiarity is the multifaceted and varied characterization of the team. The strategic and consultancy skills of Data Strategy, the technological and digital skills of Data Research & Technology and the creative and narrative ones of Data Communication & Visualization are dynamically combined.


Turning bright ideas into beautiful apps Mobile Software Development Company –

Since the advent of the first mobile devices, the Codermine team designs and develops native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We know how to customize and adapt your project to enhance the style and functionality of each platform.


Small budget, great solutions –

Fingerlinks offers innovative and reliable digital solutions, supports companies in their digital transformation process, experiments on new technologies and new communicative and technological languages. In a sentence, Fingerlinks is the ideal technological partner for companies that want or need to compete with a constantly evolving market.

Studio Tanto

Design –

Studio Tanto is a design studio, composed of different personalities and skills that integrate and develop multidisciplinary projects. The study addresses the complexities with analysis, study and experimentation, because culture and method constitute the value of every good project. The results of the work are objects, spaces, visual identities and paper and digital communication tools that are functional and narrative.