On our platform, consumption data is provided by different field sensors. Subsequently, they are joined/aggregated to perform an analysis of energy consumption. This analysis will provide the customer with possible saving solutions. Joule helps citizens to live more consciously and ecologically.

In this map, you can see the different locations of our systems. They supply more than 11.000 lodgings. By clicking on “Change The Map”, thanks to color gradations, you can see the energy consumptions recorded and the forecasts of future consumptions.

Joule 4.0

Joule is a platform that combines personalized solutions and services for heating, water, electricity and air conditioning systems for both industrial and residential users.

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Access to services

Access to Joule services is simple and intuitive. From your smartphone or on the website, you can enter the platform that shows the parameters of the service level of the systems in the field (heating, cooling, electricity, water) according to the personalized plan of energy optimizations.

Cloud Solutions

Joule provides solutions based on cloud computing technology, to connect data and the app in one safe and flexible place. This choice allows for constant operation and availability of the service throughout 24 hours.

Joule and the environment

Joule monitors and manages domestic and industrial systems, helping to improve environmental impact and efficiency in consumption. Thanks to the calculation of numerical parameters, such as the ecological footprint or the CO2 produced, that make easy to understand the impact on the environment that comes from one’s consumption habits. Joule promotes virtuous and more conscious behavior.

Internet of things

Joule works in the cloud by integrating services and Google’s components with open source engines and technologies. Environmental sensors, connectors, measuring devices, signal aggregators, antennas, smart objects are the basic elements that collect and supply data according to the paradigms of the Internet of Things.

Accessible and user – friendly design

The visualization and the search for information use geographic maps and interactive navigable graphs, even on a personalized and historical scale to the user.

Joule and the environment

Joule is the company that teaches how to invest on the environment and live in the smart city of the future.
  • Users can know and monitor their consumption data.
  • Joule provides consumption forecasts also according to weather conditions, starting with the activation of the service.
  • Users can orient themselves and estimate their own needs for energy, water, gas, etc. thanks to the ease of reading the data.
  • Users can save on the costs of supplies, through careful use and real-time control of data.
  • Users have the tools to be conscious and careful in the use of resources and in improving the environment and quality of life.