Impianti a biomasse

Suitable for families, single and two-family dwellings, villas and small villas, pellet boilers are always cheaper. These are the real revolution of home biomass systems: available to everyone, they have an excellent yield. But they need great care and maintenance; things to which Joule thinks.

Increasingly efficient systems, suitable for families, which over the years have greatly improved their yields. Pellet boilers (wood aggregates), the simplest and most widespread biomass plants, are systems suitable for single or two-family dwellings that now ensure great economic savings and reduced environmental impact. First of all, because the only cost is that of fuel. No bills, therefore, and no commitment to power.

Naturally, considerable attention is required in terms of maintenance: biomass boilers are rather delicate and require frequent cleaning. Here then is the role of Joule that comes into play already in the phase of identifying the best suppliers of plants, but also subsequently, at the time of installation, and then, to take care of long-term maintenance. According to Joule’s experience, the optimal systems for domestic use are those with power ratings less than or equal to 35 kW: easy to maintain, more practical and convenient in terms of quality/performance ratio