Condensing boilers

Condensing boilers are good for everyone. They are innovative systems but have now become accessible also from an economic point of view. There are different powers, and this makes them suitable for companies, apartments, and families.

Given the advantages both for the environment and for the wallet, JOULE recommends condensing boilers for almost everyone. In practice, a boiler of this type, the most recent technological evolution of the traditional boiler, reuses the heat contained in the expelled gases thus improving its efficiency. In short, more heat is produced for the same consumption. Moreover, the costs of these machines have considerably decreased over the years: they are increasingly installed and, on the contrary, have allowed increasing the value of the buildings where they are installed. The only flaw: these are very delicate machines that require great care and careful maintenance. Above all, the water that circulates must be treated with water softeners, which is not always done. Furthermore, before installation, the appliance must be cleaned up, that is, carefully cleaning the circuit: it must be checked for correct operation. JOULE also takes care of this, already in the implementation phase. Thus guaranteeing a longer life of the appliance and truly quantifiable savings.